Why you need a website for your local business

It is amazing just how much the world has changed over the last 15 years. It used to be that if you needed a tradesman, minibus, handyman, cleaner or anything else you would just open the yellow pages and start calling. However, these days that has all changed, (I cant even remember the last time I had a yellow pages let alone looked in one) Now if you need anything you open your phone and search on Google.

That is where a good website comes into play. With a good website, and decent Search Engine Optimisation you can appear on the first page of google for your area and service. This is where every business wants to be. Most people don look any further than the first page of Google. But you need a good website to back it up. If you have a poor website then that customer is lost.

The same goes for those potential customers who are searching through Google business pages. If you do not have a good website linked to your google ‘my business’ page, then that person will look elsewhere. Consumers have the right to be fussy and look for the most professional looking service they can find.

If you really want to make an investment in your business then make it in a website. It is a cost effect way of driving more customers your way. Why don’t you drop us an email today and find out how much it will cost you get a highly responsive, personalised website set up for your business. Not on Google ‘my business’ ? We will happily get this set up for free for you once we have your website exactly how you want it.